Central Coast of California Arabian Horse Association


The Central Coast of California Arabian Horse Association was formed by Arabian Horse owners  to create a local group to further the enjoyment of the Arabian breed and increase the knowledge, care, and safe use of the Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse.  It is open to Arabian and Half-Arabian horse owners,   fans with horses of other breeds, and people who don’t own horses. The CCCAHA supports diverse horse centered interests.

A common denominator of all these activities can be the sharing of common experiences. Whether it’s a barbecue after a ride, a dinner meeting, a lively Christmas Party, or a clinic, people gather with other horse lovers. In the horse world people of many backgrounds: the young and those with more years, the very rich and those who save on other things to support a horse, those with thousands of acres and  those with two horses on an acre, or a horse at a boarding stable, those from a ranch in Montana and someone  from Manhattan find horse  interests to share. The CCCAHA invites you to join us in our enjoyment of life with horses.

Many of the members take advantage of the trails and beaches for pleasure riding, independently or at organized times and places.  Trail riders take part in competitive trail rides and even endurance rides between 25 and 100 miles.  For many the motto is,”to finish is to win,” with the goal  to finish in better condition or in a faster time than before.

The CCCAHA provides local Open All Breed Horse Show series for exhibitors with a competitive spirit. These shows have open, all breed classes  for jumping, hunter, western, halter, driving, handling, trail, pony/very small equine, lead line, and Arabian classes.  Walk-trot classes are provided for all ages.  The club has sponsored Class A shows in the past. Region 2 Class A shows have all classes to qualify for national championships.
A local club of Arabian Horse owners and horse advocates.
A Member Club in Region 2 of the National Arabian Horse Association, offering 3 types of  Memberships:
local and National AHA options
local and National AHA options

Quarterly Meeting with Activity or Presentation
Youth Activities
All Breed Open Horse Show Series
CCCAHA Trail Rides
Support Community and National Horse Concerns
Participate in Region 2 and AHA Events
Membership Newsletter
Provide Friendly contact and support
Offer Opportunities for Leadership

We are  proud to be affiliated with the National Arabian Horse Association, Regional, Youth, and Charitable activities.  We are also supportive of the trails and facilities throughout the county.

Check out how CCCAHA members (and some very helpful non-members) helped the Community and the US Forest Service over Father's Day weekend!

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Central Coast of California Arabian Horse Association 2020 Officers and Board of Directors

Ashley Dillard
(805) 438-5868
e-mail:  jadillard@live.com

Vice President
Debbie Pettinger-York
(805) 438-5006
e-mail yorkr5811@gmail.com

Jerry Beatty
(805) 868-9487
e-mail:  jpbeatty5457@yahoo.com

Jerry Beatty
(805) 868-9487
e-mail:  jpbeatty5457@yahoo.com

Board of Directors
                                    Carol Hirons                                               Pat Wagner                                             (805) 238-0576                                                                                                                                    e-mail:  cahirons@gmail.com                    e-mail:  bluehills2@aol.com

                             Wendy Kingsley                                          Ashton Kingsley         
                             (805) 714-4057                                           (805) 441-8102                
                             e-mail:  the4kings@rocketmail.com            e-mail:  thekiing@ymail.com

Region 2 Delegates

                                    Debbie Pettinger-York                                 Carol Hirons

                       Youth Committee Chairperson                            Membership Coordinator
                                         Open                                                  Lindamae Friant-Suprinski
                                                                                                    (805) 709-1556
                                                                                                    e-mail:  pisnoopy@charter.net

                                Website Editor                                           Newsletter Editor
                                Jerry Beatty                                                 Pat Wagner
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